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US$70 Million: The Ultimate Business Deal on LinkedIn

by / Saturday, 22 March 2014 / Published in Wealthy Appetite Blog

Most people dabble on LinkedIn with the majority having accounts and not doing much more than adding or accepting connection request and once in a while a profile update. Imagine investing in a little more effort on LinkedIn in a move to potentially gain tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or in this case $70 Million dollars of new business. The Ultimate business deal on LinkedIn. It has happened and it is possible for you! You can get a copy of the article here, where one Financial Adviser managed to achieve this:

Millions of dollars worth of business deals are being done every day as a result of the activity being done on LinkedIn. This could be through networking, enhancing relationships, business referrals, introductions or in this case, reaching out and reconnecting with an old network through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to business networking. It encourages you to connect and keep in touch with your peers, colleagues, associates, employers and the like through your career journey. The strength of LinkedIn lies in the strength of your network – you never know who your networks know and what could come as a result of these relationships.

Try reaching out and reconnecting with someone you’ve lost touch with at least once a month. This could be an old employer, someone you shared an office with, or worked in as a team together, a manager, or even an old client. Invite them out for a coffee and share updates on where you’re both at in your careers. Look for ways you may be able to help each other. The best thing about these connections is that there is already a relationship and a level of trust that exists so you’re not starting from scratch in building the relationship.

Challenge: If you were going to reactivate a connection that you’ve lost touch with every month via LinkedIn or email, or even a phone call, who would you choose? Why would you select that person and if you can see their profile on LinkedIn – how are some ways that you may be able to help each other when you reconnect?

Try making a habit of reconnecting with at least one person a month for 12 months and see how that activity has benefited you in your life and business. Feel free to come back here to Networking Skool and share your stories! Happy networking.

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