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Stop Procrastinating and Start Linking In: 7 Tips to Ramp up Your LinkedIn with just 10 Minutes a Day

by / Sunday, 28 December 2014 / Published in Wealthy Appetite Blog
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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network having reached 200 million users earlier this year, but most people put off using LinkedIn seriously to make their profiles work for them.

Just putting aside 10 minutes a day to invest on LinkedIn could play a crucial role in the development and progression of your business and career.

Most people have a LinkedIn account but don’t do much with it other than accepting/sending connection requests or making a half failed attempt to be active by updating something every month or so. And yes… LinkedIn can be scary with their various tools, email updates and reminders and it most definitely needs a bit of getting used to.

HOWEVER, I’m going to give you some tips on how just 10 minutes a day can turn you into a LinkedIn ‘superstar’.


Here are 7 tips on how you could spend your 10 minutes on LinkedIn:

1. Plan: map out how you want to spend your 10 minutes on LinkedIn every day (or at least 5 days). This means blocking out 10 minutes in your diary specifically for this and committing to it. If you know that you get distracted, put on a timer for your 10 minutes and log off when the buzzer rings – this will train you to focus.

2. Profile: if you consider being active on LinkedIn, then you could assume that people will start looking at your profile. This means that it’s absolutely crucial for people to skim quickly what it is that you are about, i.e. what products/services you have on offer, what opportunities you are on the lookout for, what professional image or personal brand that you want to portray. Break it up and spend 10 minutes a day to build a complete profile, that is: adding in your website link, contact details, professional photo, skills and expertise, employment history, publications you’ve written, what groups and associations you belong to and so forth. With a more complete profile, you will be 40 times more likely to get new opportunities through LinkedIn. Over the course of a week or so, your profile should reach ‘All-Star’ status by LinkedIn’s terms.

3. Build: your network. The power of LinkedIn is in expanding your networks by increasing your connections. Start off with people you went to school with, or are in your Alumni, old and existing work places, groups, associations or societies you belong to, old business cards sitting on your desk or in your draw. Aim to spend your 10 minutes to reach out and reconnect 3 with friends, colleagues or new networks each time. Remember to send personal messages and follow up once they’ve connected.

4. Listen: you can enhance and maintain your relationships by listening to your connections on LinkedIn. You can scroll down your ‘home’ screen and see what your connections are getting up to. ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ if they are sharing great information or blogs, click ‘Share’ to help spread their message, or congratulate people when they’ve reached new job milestones or have been promoted. These simple gestures will help you to stay warm and on the top of their minds!

5. Share: instead of setting up a LinkedIn account and fading into the background, start building your online presence by sharing useful and valuable information. This can be shared through the ‘Status Update’, inside a relevant ‘LinkedIn Group’, or as a personal ‘LinkedIn Email’ to your connections. Share a blog, interesting quote, success stories, business/career plans, events, opportunities, commendations about other people and their work, tips, resources… Position yourself as the go-to person in your field/industry. Try sharing something once a day.

6. Give: endorsements and recommendations. Have you had to do team work or hired a printer, lawyer, accountant, broker…? Go to someone’s profile and endorse them for their skills and expertise if you feel they are capable. For other people who you want to ‘go the extra mile’ for, write them a recommendation for their work. Be sincere and specific with your recommendations. Naturally what goes around, will come around – however don’t expect to be endorsed or recommended in return. It’s about paying it forward. If you are connected to clients, your employers or managers, you could ask if they could recommend you for the work you have done.

7. Thank: take some time to thank people in your network, not many people do it – so you’ll definitely stick out in their minds! Thank people when they’ve connected with you, or accepted your connection, when they’ve recommended you, or given you an endorsement, when they’ve commented or shared your updates, or when they’ve shared something useful or valuable… and the list goes on.

All you need is 10 minutes a day of dedicated and consistent effort and you’re on your way to being an influential person on LinkedIn that people will start paying attention to. Block it out in your diary, you can do this!


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Linda Le is a Social Media Ghost at Wealthy Appetite. She is the go-to person when it comes to winning more business on social media, especially LinkedIn®. Her unique approach to simplifying and using LinkedIn® for business has enabled her to combine her background in Executive and Career Coaching, along with her gen-Y creativity to help C-Level Executives and business professionals navigate through the LinkedIn maze to grow their business or enhance their career.