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How to Add Symbols to Your LinkedIn Profile

stand out Wealthy Appetite

A lot of people ask me how I add symbols to my LinkedIn profile:

Symbols can help you de-clutter the information you have on your LinkedIn profile as well as help you to accentuate key information that you want people to pay attention to.

For example: telephone symbols, mailing, arrows, ticks. They all can play a visual role helping people to skim and find information quickly – after all, busy people like to find information quickly.

The other bonus is that not a lot of people do this – so why not stand out from the crowd?!

I have listed some symbols below for you to copy and paste into your own LinkedIn profile. These can be used throughout, including your summary, experience, titles, headers, company pages etc. However please make note, not to overdo it – otherwise it will have the opposite effect – it could end up looking unprofessional or overdone.

Please use these and enjoy!

(Go into your LinkedIn profile, Click ‘Profile’, then scroll down to ‘Edit Profile’ find the sections you’d like to edit or add the new symbols to, then copy and paste these directly over).

Note: Symbols may not appear properly if you are using Chrome browser.


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It’s time to stand out from the crowd!


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Linda Le is a Social Media Ghost at Wealthy Appetite. She is the go-to person when it comes to winning more business on social media, especially LinkedIn®. Her unique approach to simplifying and using LinkedIn® for business has enabled her to combine her background in Executive and Career Coaching, along with her gen-Y creativity to help C-Level Executives and business professionals navigate through the LinkedIn maze to grow their business or enhance their career.